Some projects that I created



CraftingStore is an donation processing website for minecraft servers, you can link the website to an Minecraft server to provide automatic Payment processing for PayPal donations!

You can create, remove & edit all the aspects of the store including; Packages, Servers, Coupons.

Visit CraftingStore.net


CloudProtected is a small project that offers DDoS protected tunnels for Minecraft servers.

The service has around 12 IP's that will be used to load balance attacks, and every attacked IP will automaticly get removed from the system until the attack stops.

Visit cloudprotected.net



EasyCommands the simplest way to create fully automatic scripts to do different things.

It can be used to automate a lot of tasks when dealing with a big amount of computers, or changes that have to be performed on different machines.

Visit EasyCommands.eu

Bokumo repairportal

This is a fairly big project, it monitors the repairs, and sends mails based on configurable "triggers" and with custom mail templates.

The system also has other smaller options like; reminders, discount card portal, repair portal etc.




HookPay can be used as a easy to use service to process payments, you simply copy the pre generated html form, and you are ready to accept payments.

This project is used to process the payments for my other projects.

Visit HookPay.eu