Tim Kwakman

I'm creating websites and services :)

Hello, welcome to TimKwakman.eu

On this website you can find all information about me & the projects I created. I'm working on different projects/applications currently.

You can find some of the projects that I made on the "Portfolio" page. I actively maintain most of them, so if you have any question about one of the applications or another question, use the contact form to send me a message!

I'm currently using;

- PHP 7.x
- Laravel (PHP Framework)
- Ubuntu/Debian (OS)
- Nginx (Webserver)
- MariaDB (Database)
- Lots more!

Information about me

My name is Tim kwakman, I currently live in The Netherlands. And I'm 19 years old.

You can contact me by using the contact tab, or by sending an E-mail to: tim[at]timkwakman.eu